Sacred Peru Retreat 2019

May 2019


Going on a sacred journey is a unique opportunity.

This is a journey of reconnection.

This is a journey to your most essential self.

This is your journey.


Retreat Schedule

This trip is more than just tourism. Yes, we'll get to see some incredible sites often visited by tourists, but on this trip you're not a tourist, you're a spiritual adventurer. Allow yourself to be open to the transformational power of the sacred sites, ceremonies and plant medicines we'll explore.


Week 1

The first week will be deep in the jungle and deep in ceremony allowing the medicine to help you face your shadows and fears, and heal wounded parts of yourself. Through ceremony you'll become more aware of limiting patterns and how to shift them.

Day 1 (May 10th):

Land in Iquitos for opening circle

Swimming & boat tour of Santa Clara River

Spanish lessons

Dancing in open club with live local band

Day 2:

Visit wildlife preserve (see the biggest fish of the Amazon, pirahnas, alligators, monkeys, snakes)

Head into our jungle camp, Ankari Huasi

Day 3:

Breakfast at camp**

Spanish Lessons

Jungle Hike

1st Ayahausca Ceremony

Day 4:


Spanish Lessons

Visit a small village by boat (where we will give lessons on tooth brushing and hand washing as a means of giving back to the community that is hosting us).

Stay in Ankari Huasi

Day 5:


Yoga Session

Learning how to dance to typical music of the Peruvian jungle

2nd Ayahuasca Ceremony 

Day 6:


Leaving Ankari Huasi

Visit the Yahuas tribe

Stay in Iquitos

Opportunities for shopping at the markets

Day 7:

Fly to Cusco

Meet with local artisan & artist

Meet with a Q'ero shaman

Dinner at restaurant**


Week 2

The second week is about opening your heart and growing your wisdom. These experiences and ceremonies will allow you to increase your capacity to hold compassion for yourself and others and hold a vision of what you want for yourself.  

Day 8:

Yoga at Mountain House

Light papaya breakfast**

Full day Wachuma Ceremony

Option to walk to sacred sites

Lunch & dinner**

Day 9:

Yoga at Mountain House


Tour through the Sacred Valley

Tour Andean Animal Sanctuary

Visit sacred site of Pisac with opportunity to shop at the Pisac market

Arrival in Ollyantaytambo

Day 10:

Yoga at hotel garden


Departure to Veronica

Afternoon walk to river for cleansing ceremony with Q'eros

Evening ceremony


Day 11:

Yoga at Mountain House

Return to Cuzco

Dinner at Mountain House**

Day 12:


Full day Wachuma Ceremony

Lunch & Dinner**

Day 13:

Morning Yoga

Despacho Ceremony

Free time to explore Cusco

Day 14 (May 23rd):

Morning Yoga

Ending Circle

Head home!

Below you'll find the schedule. *Note: The schedule is subject to change.

**Indicates that this meal is included in your cost. All non-listed meals are extra.



Space is limited to 10 participants.

Retreat Cost: $3500


  • $2000 deposit due March 1st.
  • Remaining $1500 due April 15th.
  • Includes many but not all meals (see above itinerary for meals that are covered).
  • Does not include airfare.
  • Does not include travel/guide tips.
  • As a participant, you'll get 3 pre-trip and 3 post-trip Private Sessions at a 50% discounted rate for pre-trip preparation and post-trip integration.